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We are a new Brighton based company who specialise in making sustainable, non-toxic furniture Our range of furniture includes bespoke stand alone pieces, custom fitted furniture and homewares. We also consult on home spaces to help make them more healthy.

We are always on the look out for innovative new materials to use.  Every stage of the process is thought through to not only minimise our waste but also to make our finished products, our working environment and the little waste we generate have as little environmental impact as possible. 

All our furniture is handmade by Ronnie Scott. Our range of household items are made from locally sourced native hardwoods. For our fitted work we use a range of materials including formaldehyde free MDF, sustainable plywood, Valchromat, local hardwoods and reclaimed timber. All our products are finished with natural paints, oils and waxes.  


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Our fitted furniture is made using an Ecologique MDF, which has zero added formaldehyde glue and is painted with a choice of eco paints that emit almost no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).   

Why is this important?  

Our homes can be up to 7 times more toxic than the outdoor atmospheric levels of pollutants.  These levels can increase dramatically when we are renovating or decorating in our house.  So it's important to factor in what we bring into our house and the products we use. Our products have no smell and are perfectly safe whether it's bringing in a piece of pre-made furniture or touching up paint on installed fitted furniture. There will be more detailed information on this in our Eco Living Manual.

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We see that in simplicity there is beauty. Our vision is to make bespoke furniture that is simple, sustainable, in a budget friendly way.  

If you have any ideas in mind or a space which needs a certain piece of furniture or new workspace please get in touch. We can develop any idea into a functional beautifully handcrafted piece of furniture for your space be it at home or a commercial space.

Eco living manual
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eco living manual

The Eco Living Manual has been written to provide advice on on how we can live more sustainably and better convert our homes to live in a less toxic environment.  Please download your free copy here...

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